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Why did we develop whey proteins?

During the day, your muscle fibers are constantly broken down (catabolism) and renewed (anabolism). Since training and sport also promote catabolism, particular attention should be paid to regular protein intake. This is the only way the body has the opportunity to renew damaged muscle fibers, promote regeneration and thus improve its own performance.

What are the special features of whey protein?

Our Impact Whey Protein is made from high-quality whey protein, delivers an impressive 21g of protein per serving (25g) and contains all essential amino acids (including 4.5g BCAAs and 3.6g glutamine). Furthermore, our whey protein is produced using a special instantization process, which leads to better solubility. Per serving only contains 1.9g of fat and 1g of carbohydrates, which makes the whey protein powder an excellent whey protein with an excellent price/performance ratio.

What are the advantages?

By taking Impact Whey Protein, you can easily supply your muscles with enough protein throughout the day, which promotes the development and maintenance of your muscles. With only 103 kilocalories per serving, it is the ideal companion for all athletes: whether you are a beginner, advanced or expert, with over 50 flavors there is something for everyone!

Who are protein powders suitable for?

Since protein plays an essential role in muscle building and regeneration, it doesn't matter whether you are a competitive or recreational athlete: whey protein is suitable for anyone who wants to increase their daily protein intake.

Intake recommendation

Since the whey protein chocolate is quickly digested, it should be taken 30-60 minutes after training when the metabolism is still running at full speed. Alternatively, the shake can be drunk at any time to increase your protein intake. Mixed with water or milk it makes a delicious protein shake, but it also tastes great in smoothies and yogurt. As a little inspiration, you can find many recipes with Bodygym Whey Protein on the recipe page in the Zone.